Ministry of Irrigation got new Minister

As a new cabinet formed under the
premiership of Mr Pushpa Kamal Dahal
on August 4th, 2016, Mr Deepak Giri
is appointed as a new minister into the
Ministry of Irrigation on August 28th,
2016. Department of Irrigation organized
a special function on August 30th 2016 to
welcome the newly appointed honorable
minister of irrigation. On the occasion,
honorable minister expressed to support
all the employees of the department for
achieving goals of the department. He also
wished to create a favorable environment
from all concerned staff to execute the
work as per annual programs. Honorable
minister was warmly received by the high
ranking offi cials of the department in the
presence of all offi cials. During the function,
then Director General, Mr. Sushil Chadra
Tiwari, presented a brief introduction of
the department along with its current
activities and future plans. In the program,
short introduction of all the offi cials and
employees present at the function was also
carried on.

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