ICID’s 66th IEC and 26th European Regional Conference held in France

ICID’s 66th IEC  and 26th European Regional Conference held in France

66th International Executive Council (IEC) meeting and 26th European Regional Conference (ERC) of International Committee of Irrigation and Drainage (ICID ) was held at Montpellier, France from October 11 to 16 of 2015. Director General Madhab Belbase of Department of Irrigation (DoI) led the Nepalese delegation as the president of Nepal National Committee of Irrigation and Drainage (NENCID) to the conference. Other delegates of the committee were Deputy Director General (DDG) Basu Dev Lohanee of DoI, Regional Director Rajendra Prasad Adhikary of Central Regional Irrigation Directorate (CRID)Project Manager Ramesh Basnet of Rani Jamara Kulariya Irrigation Project. Project Coordinator Mohan Sangraula of Medium Irrigation Project,  Senior Divisional Er.  Pramod Kumar Shrestha of Ministry of Irrigation, Dr.Krishna Raj Pathak of DoI and Division Chief Krishna Prasad Rijal of Irrigation Development Division, Dolakha. IWMI Nepal Sponsored one person’s expenses for the participation in the conference.


In the conference more than six hundred delegates from 60 different countries participated, from Nepal DDG Bashu Dev Lohanee presented paper on” Livelihood enhancement through the use of micro irrigation”. Similarly Poster of Mr Lohanee on the same theme were also presented. Another poster of Nepalese delegate member Krishna Prasad Rijal was on the topic “ Improving water productivity on rice how and why ?”. Participants from various countries presented papers on various themes such as water governance, irrigation technology, flood control and drainage, water saving and efficiency etc. Apart from that, other programs like technical/ work group meetings and council meetings, technical field visit tours on wastewater use,  historical irrigation systems, multipurpose irrigation system under construction in a PPP model, cultural tours in southern France and irrigation business related exhibitions were also organize during the conference.


At the concluding meetings of the conference, awards for various activities performed by the academician and professionals from various fields were announced like award for best article in ICID for 2015 was of Dr. Willem F. Vlotman and Mr. Clarke Ballard for their paper titled ”Water, Food and Energy Supply Chains for a Green Economy”, published in issue 63.2 of Irrigation and Drainage, water saving technologies such as ”Technology for Water Saving, Pollution Prevention and Emission Reduction of Paddy Rice” by Mr. Li Xinjian (China), innovative water management – ”Crop Rotation: An Approach to Save Irrigation Water under Water Scarcity in Egypt” by Prof. Samiha Ouda and Prof. Abd-El-Hafeez-Zohry (Egypt) and farmers – ”Group Farming and Micro Irrigation a Way to Prosperity” by Mr. Bhagwan M. Kapse (India).


DG Mr. Belbase in his facebook update, said “After a three-four days’effort, I was finally successful to get it decided by the council to hold the Eighth Regional Conference of ICID in Nepal on March of 2018.” It is an important decision of 66th IEC for Nepal. He also mentioned, “It is the first time that we are going to have a ICID event in Nepal and it is of such high level. It is actually a great news for irrigation and drainage professionals”.


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